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Our Food Tours bring you through iconic neighborhoods to enjoy local culture while eating at some of the best restaurants in Chicago

food tours, special events, and corporate and private group team building highlighting the best of Chicago

Chicago provides a fantastic backdrop for any group event, including a food tour dine around, or Pri Fix. There are more unique, historic neighborhoods boasting traditional brownstone buildings and fantastic restaurants than can be mentioned.

Between the abundance of its great neighborhoods combined with a dynamic city center, Chicago provides nearly limitless possibilities for your group or corporate event with FTC Dine.

The accessible, walkable neighborhoods are ideal for teambuilding events and our expertise in corporate and group event logistics can help make an event for tens or thousands both feel warm and intimate.

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How our food tours are different

our philosophy

Our Food Tours are created especially for private groups, both corporate and non-corporate.

Each one of our tours and events are customized to meet your needs while providing a multi-dimensional vision of the food, history, drink, architecture and culture of Chicago.

We run fewer tours and events, enabling our team to focus on your group. Our goal is to provide a level of excellence in creativity, products and service focusing on quality rather than the quantity of tours and events that can be run.


We demonstrate our appreciation of Chicago, including its distinctive neighborhoods and notable communities, with every Food Tour and Group Event we offer.

Our goal is to provide your group with an authentic experience highlighting the culture and cuisine of the city.

All our tours are not just visits to high-end restaurants. We provide real experiences that both appreciate and articulate all the city's culinary traditions.

embracing the chicago culture

Although we offer tours and events for groups of nearly all sizes (4-1,000+), our goal is to keep groups from standing out and striking a balance between the tour, the guests, and everyone else in the area.

For nearly a decade, our sister company Food Tour Corp has worked to create tours that locals and visitors will both love. In FTC Dine, we are even more focused on the harmony between locals and visitors, neighborhood and neighbors.

about Chicago - and why its ideal for todays Food Tours

Chicago is a Midwestern cosmopolitan city; beautiful and historic, with a modern element of architecture, restaurants, entertainment, shoping and more.

The resonating Chicago skyline hovering above lake Michigan is truly breathtaking, while individual neighborhoods are both charming, classic, and forward thinking.

Chicago is the financial heart of the Midwest, and a melting pot of ethnicities from around the world.

Chicago Food Tours

The result yields a few traditional 'Chicago-Style' dishes as well as a world of dramatic, flavorful cuisine you may know very little about.

Continuing its evolution into the new millennium, Chicago continues to evolve as the home of exciting new tech companies, and of families interested in enjoying the amenities the city has to offer close by.

Food Tours in Chicago have evolved over the last decade. Originally cute walks designed for guests to enjoy a hot dog and Chicago beef were supplanted by themed tours of pizza.

We are proud to have continued that evolution, and let others experience what truly is the world of food found in Chicago, in a food tour.

choose from the following neighborhoods

Albany Park

Albany Park

Known as a home for immigrants arriving in Chicago, the neighborhood boasts a variety of authentic restaurants.

Enjoy real tastes flavors from Bosnia, Argentina, Greece, brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, Jordan, turkey, Vietnam and more all next to each other.

Bucktown / Wicker Park

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The neighborhood has seen a transformation over the past two decades into one of the most desirable parts of the city.

The commercial streets contain a combination of hot new restaurants and bars, as well as a number of long-standing establishments, providing a glimpse at its past, as well as an idea of its bright future.

Chicago Loop

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The Loop features the highest concentration of jobs anywhere in Illinois, or in neighboring states, Indiana and Ohio.

In such a small space there is great need for all types of restaurants and establishments. Dining in the loop varies greatly from block to block, offering from casual and ethnic, to elegant and regional. There is something for nearly everyone who works, lives and visits the Loop.


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Chicago's Chinatown is a city within a city; offering restaurants that feature the many flavors found in China in a variety of settings.

From the casual, take out bakery, to white tablecloth dining, the neighborhood serves the needs of the community and everyone who comes to visit. Dim Sum houses, tea shops, bakeries, Szechuan restaurants, and hot pot are a few of the many options available in the Southside neighborhood.

Gold Coast / Old Town

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One of the highest price neighborhoods lives up to its name, as seven figure condominiums is the norm.

Aside from the unmistakable architecture featuring beautiful Old homes and gleaming high-rises is one of the best shopping and eating districts in Chicago. From the heart of the commercial center on Oak Street come opulent retailers and high-end restaurants.

Lincoln Park

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Stunning, intricate designed buildings, featuring Italianate, beaux-arts and Second Empire architecture provide the setting for Lincoln Park. Sitting just to the north of Downtown, the notable neighborhood has long been a hot spot to live and visit.

From inexpensive street food to three star Michelin rating, the dining scene offers a wide variety of cuisine to satisfy nearly all tastes, especially local and regional American. Blues and rock clubs are situated alongside dive bars and modern clubs.

Logan Square

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One of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago, Logan Square offers an assortment of exciting restaurants for the new residents moving in and visitors from near and far.

The area features picturesque and stately architecture, where historic and current designs combine and tell the story of the neighborhood.

Restaurants and bars continue to open throughout the neighborhood, helping create one of the most diverse and popular food scenes in the city.


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Accessible by almost everywhere in the city and just footsteps from downtown Chicago, the South Loop is an ideal neighborhood for groups staying close to the center of the city.

Great food comes in a variety of style, from city classics to fine dining. There is a variety of bars, clubs music venues to satisfy your thirst.

River north

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Filled with large-scale eateries, as well as some of the newest and best restaurants and concepts in the city, River North is a well known and continuously evolving area in the city.

the often misunderstood neighborhood provides a level of quality despite the size of establishments, and continues to be the choice for renown chefs and restaurateurs to put together something special in the city

Ukrainian village

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The Ukrainian Village offers a glimpse of what much of Chicago had been for decades; a working-class eastern European immigrant neighborhood.

Although the residents have mostly changed, much of the fabric of the neighborhood can still be seen - from names on the buildings, elaborate churches, and the best Ukrainian food in town.

The culinary scene continues to evolve as new, critically-acclaimed establishments take root in the neighborhood alongside well respected European eateries.


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A history starting in prohibition era that combines the hangouts of well-known gangsters such as Al Capone and Johnny Torrio is a part of the neighborhood's fabric.

Today, it is being re-written as great restaurants including a Michelin Starred establishment is calling it home. Ethnic food is available and excellent, featuring some of the best and most authentic Vietnamese, Chinese, and Hong Kong, with a few Mexican joints.

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